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Compassionate Journey

helping people die more tenderly and grieve more gently

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Clinical Director: 

G. Jay Westbrook MS, RN

After three decades as both a clinical hospice nurse and Grief Recovery Specialist, Jay has exited his hospice role and is now focused solely on providing Online Advanced Grief Recovery services to people suffering or struggling with losses:


 --recent losses or ancient losses 

 --death-related losses or 

 --non-death-related losses (divorce, moving,     loss of hope, loss of faith, loss of health,           losses related to childhood abuse, etc.) 


Grief Recovery is the only evidence-based intervention for grief that allows truly meaningful & lasting healing and

re-engagement with life. 


Stories from our work:

Compassionate Journeys:

Lessons From My Work With the Dying 

By G. Jay Westbrook

"An amazing, profound, moving, & inspirational collection of powerful stand-alone stories - shared in the narrative style of Native Americans - each of which illustrates a tool for co-journeying with the dying, and which can be used equally well with the dying, their families, or to train clinical professionals." 

Available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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Nancy Morgan


"small price to pay for a

life-long love affair"

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Incest Survivor 

Survivor of profound incest and torture, now helping women and men move from victim to survivor to thriver

Teaching & Inspiring

on the constellation of issues surrounding End-of-Life and Grief & Loss


employing the powerful story-telling style of Native Americans

“Your stories & grace have haunted my thoughts & helped me tremendously.”

                            - E. Richardson, M.D.

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To schedule Jay as a speaker, book a consultation, or have a gentle conversation to explore whether Grief Recovery is right for you, please contact him at:

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